Edging the garden with stacks of cinder blocks

15 Neat Gardening Hacks You Need in Your Life

Some call it keeping up with the Jones’es, other deny they do it altogether. Nevertheless, wanting to create the kind of garden that impresses the neighbors and visitors alike is a desire we all share. Not necessarily going over the top and stepping into the ostentatious, but rather creating something to enjoy and to be proud of.

The question being – is it possible to really enjoy your garden, without having to spend a fortune on tools, accessories and professional gardening services? Or better yet, without having to invest half of your waking life in a pain-staking DIY gardening job?

Well, the simple answer in both questions is…yes! At least sort of, as while there’s bound to be some time, effort and cash involved, this doesn’t mean you have to take things to extremes. Like most things, it’s a case of working smarter, rather than harder. And of course, taking a little inspiration from those that have tried and tested all manner of hacks for themselves can’t hurt either!

So without further delay, read on for an introductory overview to 15 Neat Gardening Hacks You Need in Your Life:

#1 Plastic Bottle Watering Can

First of all, if you do not have a watering can to hand or would simply prefer to recycle rather than purchase one, it couldn’t be easier to create as many as you need using simple plastic bottles. Take an old milk jug, heat a needle and make a series of holes in the cap – superbly simple and always effective!