Coconut Oil found to be good for cracked heels and split skin

16 Awesome Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks That Work!

Quite a number of so-called ‘miraculous’ beauty hacks have emerged over recent years. And as is usually the case, the overwhelming majority have turned out to be bogus…useless…not worth bothering with. There is, however, one notable exception to the rule, which is coconut oil. All over the world, millions and discovering that not only is coconut oil useful, but it has very real application for making your skin look fabulous. Seriously – you really won’t believe the difference this stuff can make when put to the test!

It certainly has its place in food preparation and cuisine, but it’s in the beauty, hygiene and well-being arena that it really begins to shine. Suffice to say, it’s the kind of thing you’ll wonder how on Earth you got by without, once you get started with it yourself!

Not convinced? You will be, after checking out the following 16 Ways Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks That Work:

#1 Amazing Exfoliator,f_auto,h_400,w_800/v1433928717/mjnucfgcbriepyc7fhji.jpg

First of all, coconut oil is just the thing for making your own 100% natural, 100% organic exfoliates at home. All you need to do is take a half-cup of coconut oil and mix it with a quarter-cup of standard sugar. Not only will you save a fortune on store-bough products, but you simply will not believe the difference it makes to your skin after just a few uses.