16 Super Surprising Celebrity Relationships

16 Super Surprising Celebrity Relationships

Celebrity relationships often tend to be the very dictionary definition of odd. Marriages that end in weeks, the kinds of pairing that seem to make no sense and engagements you wouldn’t have predicted in a million years. It’s just the way things are in star circles.

But every now and again, we get wind of a pairing that’s far too odd for any of us to comprehend. Whatever the reason, there are certain Hollywood couples that just leave you scratching your head. Of course, we’ve come to know that most are/were doomed to failure, but for a while at least it made for highly interesting reading!

So while you might think you can name a few weird star hookups off the top of your head, check out the following 16 Super Surprising Celebrity Relationships and see how many you never knew were a thing:

#1 Cher and Tom Cruise


A delightfully odd hook-up and another high-profile notch on the bedpost of Cher. She didn’t exactly make a secret of the fact that she took more than a few lovers when she was at her chart-topping peak, but you might now know that one of said conquests was actually Tom Cruise. She was apparently impressed, too, giving the Top Gun star a place in her ‘Top 5’ greatest lovers…which is a little icky!