17 Stars Who Are Much Older Than You Think

17 Stars Who Are Much Older Than You Think

Famous faces more often than not do a great job growing old disgracefully. Sometimes to such an extent that it’s almost impossible to work out how old they really are. Not that it matter, but still…it’s the kind of thing gossip-fans are always keen to know.

Of course, some stars age better than others. In some instance, a famous face disappears for a few years only to burst back in the limelight looking about a million years older. Other times, they emerge after decades and don’t seem to have aged a day. What’s the secret? Well, it’s a secret they’re not letting slip…sometimes genetics, other times the assistance of highly-experienced surgeons and the like!

But in this instance we’re focusing only on those famous faces that have held onto their youthful looks in a manner that’s both impressive and enough to make you a little jealous. So without further ado, check out the following 17 Stars Who Are Much Older Than You Think:

#1 Gwen Stefani – 46-Years-Old


Kicking off with the superstar singer from No Doubt, you’d often have a hard time believing that Gwen Stefani was out of her 20s. She’s got the kind of youthful style and overall appearance that doesn’t even knock on the door of her true age, which is actually 46. Still the total stunner in every way.