18 Pictures That Prove Kids are Smarter Than They Look


You ever had that feeling that kids in general know far more than they let on? That all that sweetness in innocence is really just for show? That you might actually be looking at some kind of crafty (or simply hilarious) little genius in disguise?

If you have, welcome to the club!

Anything they’re not supposed to find, they’ll find it. The last thing in the world you’d expect them to do, they’ll do it. And if you make the mistake of underestimating their intelligence for just a second or two, game over!

Kids do the kinds of things all day and every day that no adult on Earth can rival. Whether they know more than they’re letting on we might never know, but we can at least bask in their craziness and share their exploits with the world.

So without further delay, check out the following 18 Pictures That Prove Kids are Smarter Than They Look…in the best possible way!

#1 Look Mommy, I went potty!


More often than not, a certain amount of complaining and protesting is normal when it comes to potty training. In the case of this guy though, he seems to have cracked it pretty well, though has clearly decided that now is the time to pay mom and dad back. Leaving magic markers around with kids about the place…bad move.