Bulldog puppy and mom

18 Super Cute Puppy Families

While it’s true to say that the web is obsessed with all-things cats, you only have to set eyes on a puppy to know who the real cuties are! And take it from us when we their parents are just as aware of how cute their babies are as the rest of us! Seriously, you only need to look at these proud faces to know it!

All puppies are cute, but every now and again you come across a litter that’s almost too sweet to bear. It’s a shame they don’t all stay quite as cute and sweet forever, but still – a little while is better than none at all!

Ok so less of the talk and on with the cuteness. Feast your eyes on the following 18 Super Cute Puppy Litters and sometimes the mom and dad, and see which of the bunch well and truly melts your heart…if not all of them!

#1 A Pile of Golden Cuteness

Golden Retriever pups in a big pile
Source PuppyToob.com

These little golden retrievers are about as sweet and fluffy as you get. But they aren’t the absolute cutest that we’ve got. Click next > below and you’ll see what I mean.

Real gold is more expensive per ounce but these cuties sell for between $500 and $1,500 with an average price in the $700 range.