Mellsa Rauch starring as Bernadette in Big Bang Theory

19 Actresses Who Are Even More Beautiful in Real Life

It’s not unusual for the most famous stars of stage and screen to look nothing short of flawless while on stage and screen. After all, with world-class makeup teams and hour after hour in front of the mirror, it’s hard not to look awesome! But what about real life? How about in the real world the rest of us live in?

Well, you’ll only need to carry out a quick web search to come across about a million articles that set out to paint a negative picture of things…sadly. Stars without makeup, celebs having on off day – too many people are too quick to be mean and nasty, when it really isn’t called for.

Which is why we figured we’d focus on the opposite for this little outing – as in the stars that look even more beautiful off-screen than they do on it.

There are some stars with such incredible natural beauty, which for whatever the reason just doesn’t shine through when they’re doing whatever on TV. In real life, though…wow, just wow!

So without further delay check out our very own rundown of 19 Actresses Who Are Even More Beautiful in Real Life and see how many you agree with:

#1 Naomi Grossman

First up, there’s no denying how impressive the job they did with Naomi Grossman was when transforming her into ‘Pepper’ for ‘American Horror Story’. You’d have never thought that the actress behind the makeup was actually the gorgeous natural beauty that is Ms. Grossman!