21 Simply Stunning Daughters of Hollywood

21 Simply Stunning Daughters of Hollywood

It’s something we all now to be true – every baby is born beautiful. But at the same time, there’s no denying that some go on to become more head-turning adults than others! When the right genetics come together, the results can be amazing…and often surprising too. It’s no real shocker that most Hollywood kids turn into the world’s truly beautiful people, but every now and again, a super-stunner takes us totally off-guard.

So we thought we’d dedicate this post to exactly that – famous parents that produced incredibly beautiful daughters. In some instances, it was a foregone conclusion long before they were born. In others…well, let’s just say none of us saw it coming!

Prepare for a few surprises in our list of 21 Incredibly Beautiful Hollywood Daughters:

#1 Rumer Willis – Daughter of Bruce Willis


Daughter of the ultimate Hollywood hard-man Bruce Willis, Rumer Willis doesn’t share a great many of his defining characteristics. The stubble, the dirty vest, the bald head – none of the above. And for that, we couldn’t be happier…we’re not sure she’d pull it off quite as well as he does!