Spices that are good for your diet: Cinnamon

5 Autumn Friendly Super Spices that Could Help You Lose Weight

Autumn is here already and that means winter is just around the corner. As cozy blanket weather sets is and the temperatures dip your motivation to stay fit can too.

These 5 super spices can be added to all sorts of dishes. They might even be hidden in some of your favorites already. Each and every one of them can help boost your metabolism while bringing with it a host of nutritional and body-boosting benefits.

Spices that are good for your diet: Cinnamon
1. Cinnamon

The first spice on our list is the most ubiquitous of the season. Who can get through autumn without a little pumpkin pie (or a pumpkin spice latte)?

Cinnamon grabs the top spot on our list because of the many boosts you can get from it. When you eat even ¼ teaspoon of the stuff it can help regulate your blood sugar, boost your metabolism, and suppress any cold-weather cravings.

Even though cinnamon is already found in pumpkin-spice anything, pies, sweet potato casseroles and mulled apple cider there are plenty of other daily ways to get a does of it.
Cinnamon makes a great addition to your daily coffee or as a mix in to oatmeal or yogurt. Sprinkling it on a small dessert will help you eat less while evening out any post-snack sugar high. Since cinnamon makes your body work a little harder to break things down you’ll burn more calories as you digest, too.

Cardamom and other spices that are good for your weight

2. Cardamom

This spice isn’t as common as the other spices on this list but it’s frequently paired with cinnamon in Scandinavian and South Asian dishes. It has a very strong taste so be careful not to use too much. It’s flavor is a lot like cinnamon and oranges.

When you eat cardamom it will help your body let go of any extra water weight you might be holding on to. It also helps burn fat and boost your metabolism in a way very similar to cinnamon. Being a sweet spice it can help reduce sugar cravings without giving in to them. It also has a powerful thermogenic effect where cardamom can cause a slight boost in core body temperature which boosts the number of calories you burn.


3. Cloves

Another thermogenic spice that heats your body up and helps you burn calories? Cloves. It also lowers your LDL (bad) cholesterol.

If you happen to get a cold this is the best spice to add to your tea. Not only will it help warm you up but it can loosen mucus as well as some commercial decongestants. It will also freshen up your breath by helping to kill some of the bacteria hanging out in your mouth.

Cumin - healthy spices for your weight
4. Cumin

Speaking of colds and cold days, cumin is a staple in a commonly consumed cold weather dish: chili.

You probably already know quite a bit about cumin due to a now famous study by Iran’s Shahid Sadoughi University. The 3 month trial showed that the addition of cumin to the diets of overweight women tripled their fat loss.

With one teaspoon of cumin a day there’s no reason you can’t have the same results. Cumin also comes packed full of nutrition. That tiny spoonful accounts for just under 10 percent on your daily magnesium, B1 and manganese.

Ginger root - another magic spice
5. Ginger

If you struggle with cravings ginger should be your go-to. Found in just about every stir fry or cup of chai tea, ginger is a proven appetite suppressant. Not only does it prevent cravings but it can help you feel full faster too.

If you’re stressed sipping a little ginger water or tea can help keep your cortisol levels down. Cortisol, a hormone released when you are stressed, can make it harder to lose weight by slowing