Holly Harris

Makeup tips your stylist won't tell you

28 Makeup Tips Your Stylist Won’t Tell You

Tips for foolproof cat eyes. Ideas to make your lips a little fuller. Thicker, longer lashes. Making your lipstick last. Scroll through quickly for all those techniques and many more. #1 Draw A Slanted Hashtag At The Outer Corner Of Your Eye and Blend It For An Instant Smoky Effect Credit: hearstapps.com Once again, a…

Edging the garden with stacks of cinder blocks

15 Neat Gardening Hacks You Need in Your Life

Some call it keeping up with the Jones'es, other deny they do it altogether. Nevertheless, wanting to create the kind of garden that impresses the neighbors and visitors alike is a desire we all share. Not necessarily going over the top and stepping into the ostentatious, but rather creating something to enjoy and to be…