Margaret Wood

Contributing Freelancer, is a seasoned HR Director at a prominent pharmaceutical company. In her 25+ years in the industry, she has written action plans, policies & procedures, business plans, training manuals, coaching courses and much more. This type of writing is very demanding, requiring clear, concise, effective communication, as well as proofreading and editing. She has met with much success as a ghostwriter, copywriter, content writer; and has written over 5000 articles & blogs that span the globe. Her articles cast a wide net as she covers a wide variety of topics. She currently lives in the Rocket City, near NASA with her spouse, 5 rescue dogs and 2 kittens.

Women getting a mammogram

Women’s Health Screening Updates You Need to Know About

Women’s health screening has undergone severe scrutiny over the past 25 years, and not a moment too soon. Women’s health issues have been on the back-burner for too long and have been passed over for study up until the last two and a half decades. All that is changing and studies into women’s health are…

Strategy for women's leadership

3 Top Reasons Why a Women’s Leadership Strategy is Important

Many organizations are now accepting the importance of implementing a Women’s Leadership Strategy Plan.   Three critical reasons come to mind: Enhance Corporate Reputation Grow Revenue Improve Operating Profit Why Corporations Should Consider Women a Business Imperative Deloitte conducted a study on how the two genders differ when making big-ticket procurement for their organizations. For example, the…

Bad dress to wear to a wedding

What NOT to Wear to a Wedding

This is a celebration of two people choosing to unite their lives together forever. As with everything else in life, there are do's and don’ts for weddings – especially on what NOT to wear to a wedding. Wearing outlandish choices to your friend’s big day might not be as bad as wearing a white evening…