How to Look Awesome in Black Knee-High Boots

12 Ways to Look Awesome in Black Knee-High Boots

Just to get one thing straight right now, the answer is no – the time hasn’t come to turn your back on ankle boots and throw them out of your life. That being said, the biggest, boldest and most beautiful black knew-high boots are a very, VERY big deal right now.

Now, if you’re new to huge boots like these, it might be hard to work out whether you’ll get away with them. And if you will, how you should be wearing them? Well, the simple answer is that as we’re well into an era where uniqueness and individuality are everything, literally anything goes. Or at least, most things, anyway!

Still, it can be useful to take in a little inspiration here and there – especially if you’re finding it tricky to work out where to start. So if this is the case, feast your eyes on the following guide on How to Look Awesome in Black Knee-High Boots and get busy with the experimentation!

#1 Focus your attention on mixing the textures of your garments to create a sense of cohesive contrasts. For example, thick-knits look great with shiny knee-high leather boots, while a silk dress will look amazing with suede boots. Ok, so she didn’t quite get it right.

Credit: The Fashion Tag