Get into your mind

The Healing Power of Mindfulness – Managing Stress Levels

Chi a.k.a.  Mindfulness

The ancient Chinese called it Chi, the energy that flows through all things, of being one with your world, your universe and learning to feel how everything makes you feel.

Get into your mind

According to the Chinese, if your Chi is not aligned, things did not go well for you and you were stressed and distressed. You make wrong choices, bad decisions and your world is in constant flux.

When things aren’t going as planned, some say, their “Chi is out of whack”. There may be an element of truth in that statement and how it relates to your stressful situations.  Look around –Are you comfortable in the clothes you wear, the friends you hang out with, where you live, what type of car you drive, etc.?

Do you worry and fret about silly things? Are you at peace right now?  Do certain things cause you to lose focus or make you breathe harder?   Are you OCD at times? If someone rearranges something on your desk, do you get all antsy and stressed?   Mindfulness in all these situations can help relieve some of the stresses and help you regain focus.

Unlimited benefits

Mindfulness meditation cleanses and restores on the deepest level, bringing about an absolute inner transformation. By focusing attention on the present, you can delve deeply into the powerful subconscious mind.

Meditative practices have been in existence for several thousand years; meditation calms the mind and reduces stress.  Mindfulness is a form of meditation, allowing you to become aware of how the natural world affects you.  Your every breath is affected to some degree by what is going on around you.  Whether you are dealing with flight delays at an airport, dealing with the fourth iteration of a report you thought you were done with, or coming home to a house where the dog has chewed the pillows on your sofa, your stress level is affected.  The trickle-down effect is inevitable.

There are many classes offered on mindfulness. However, you can start with some simple routines to help you re-focus through the day and help bring you back to center:

  1. When the stress and pressure has built up to a point you feel you’re going to explode, simply excuse yourself and remove yourself from the situation as soon as possible. The ladies’ room is a good place unless your manager is a female. Or go into the stairwell – not much traffic there. If all else fails, go sit in your car or on a park bench for 10-15 minutes.
  2. Sit quietly and STOP THINKING. Let random thoughts take over. Focus on your breathing. Listen to hear the blood pumping through you veins. Focus on the NOW.
  3. Take slow, deliberate breaths. Continue doing this for a few more minutes.
  4. Open your eyes slowly and take in the world around you. Once you feel re-centered, return with a fresh outlook, and take on the world! You can do it!